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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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I seem to recall a scene that was probably driven by fan criticism, wherein McQueen addresses the troops: "I've heard some whining about having to be both pilots AND ground pounders. May I remind you that you are Marines, and you will do whatever you are ordered to do!"

And that was the end of that discussion!
Yes but even the Marine Corps wouldn't invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to train up a space combat pilot over quite a long time (disregarding how fast they're trained up in the pilot) only to have them serve as standard riflemen on standard missions.. it's a waste of ressources as cold as that may sound but you can find and train up a Marine far faster than to find capable people to fly fighters.

That whole thing could have been solved quite easily.. make them an experimental project.. a hybrid special force/fighter pilot for special missions that may require immediate ground action once the sky is clear. Still wouldn't be a perfect example but a better explanation than the one we didn't get.

Doesn't really matter though.. despite all the logical loopholes (and which show doesn't have a few of them) it was still an awesome show.

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after seeing others mention the newer version of "battlestar galactica" i kinda wondered which would win in a battle, "saab" (space above and beyond) or "battlestar galactica" (new version).
You mean Saratoga versus nuGalactica? Saratoga. They're about equal in fighter and logistical strength but Saratoga has a greater array of offensive anti-ship weapons, while nuGalactica, without her planes and Raptors, is mainly a defensive platform. The exception is her tactical nukes, which we know she has but she never actually used on screen.
I think you're wrong.. Galactica (and Pegasus) have taken on Cylon Basestars one on one.. they have main guns and they are powerful, easily taking out a Basestar with 2-3 direct hits.

From what i remember the main armament of Saratoga appeared to be missiles.. would be interesting to see if they can make it through Galactica's AA defences.
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