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blarg! if people want to talk about "friends" make a thread.
Chill, BlackFire, it was just a tangent.

i liked all the tech in the show especially the hammerhead fighters. i did like "the angriest angel" episode, but i kinda like the episode "ray butts" more. i just think that it had the greatest death ever which in turn ties itself to a really good ending.
Others have mentioned this episode. Frankly, back then I thought the pancake thing was kind of silly, and having rewatched it I'm still not crazy about it, but yes, the final death scene was cool.

after seeing others mention the newer version of "battlestar galactica" i kinda wondered which would win in a battle, "saab" (space above and beyond) or "battlestar galactica" (new version).
You mean Saratoga versus nuGalactica? Saratoga. They're about equal in fighter and logistical strength but Saratoga has a greater array of offensive anti-ship weapons, while nuGalactica, without her planes and Raptors, is mainly a defensive platform. The exception is her tactical nukes, which we know she has but she never actually used on screen.
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