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Re: Does It Get Better???

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My opinion of Rise! was so low that I used to rank it alongside the episode Nemesis for sheer hate/boredom
I love Nemesis!
Really? Wow. Well, I've never really known what 'public opinion' was of the episode because it's not often mentioned on here. Is it regarded well generally then? I'll admit I've seen it exactly once and I hated it so much I swore I'd never watch it again, however, I've just begun season 4 on my rewatch so I will be watching it again after all, very soon. For what it's worth I hope to have my opinion changed!

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Favorite Son: All in all this is an okay episode, but it could have been better.
I used to think this episode was not too bad in the past, just another of those boring non-descript Kim episodes, but my recent rewatch has lowered it to the lowest ranking of the low. 1/5 all day, every day. Urgh. The concept is just horrible, I'm sure there's something misogynistic about the whole thing and to top it all it makes the crew look really stupid.

Before and After, I enjoy, but it doesn't make any top ten lists for me; the whole Tom/Kes and Harry/Linnis thing is a bit too weird and incestuous for my liking. However, I do like the time travel elements and getting to see Kes as an older version of herself.

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For what it's worth, I'm not a huge fan of TWOK either!
I do like TWOK but my favourite TOS film is The Search for Spock... always an unpopular choice!!!
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