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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I've never quite figured out if the DS9 fans in particular can't even review this episode because it implicitly rejects the whole moronic concept of the Jem'hadar (however it's spelled,) or whether the life is survival of the fittest types just have to hear that BLOOD (aka "race" by the terminally tactless,) IS ALL and just freak out on general principles.
I love DS9, and have no problems with the way this episode handles genetics/genetic memory/whatever gobbledegook. It's just a bad episode. It's extremely odd that a race would even develop the way they did, needing to steal other men for procreation and such. It just didn't seem plausible as a concept. The techno-babble was fine, and I bought it, but the concept itself is laughable.

I don't see how this contradicts Jem'Hadar, care to expand on that?

And, I'll just leave this gem here for later discussion: Jem'Hadar are blood related to the Hirogen (and the Tosk, too). Talk amongst yourselves.
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