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Re: Does It Get Better???

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IMO no, Voyager never gets better. It gets worse.
Yes yes yes, we all know you were expecting the show to be about the crew falling to pieces within the first two episodes and spend the entire series hating and plotting to murder one another. At least in their spare time while the rest of it would comprise of them all becoming vicious bloodthirsty space pirates who revel in being free of the Federation and go around ravaging, destroying and stealing everything from every sentient race encountered (especially the nice ones who welcome them) because that's "more true to life" and "better drama" than people who decide to overcome their differences and accept the aid others give them.

They didn't do that, get over it.
All still true, sad to say.

There's a stretch of technical dialogue in Favorite Son that rather forthrightly that genetics don't determine behavior. I've never quite figured out if the DS9 fans in particular can't even review this episode because it implicitly rejects the whole moronic concept of the Jem'hadar (however it's spelled,) or whether the life is survival of the fittest types just have to hear that BLOOD (aka "race" by the terminally tactless,) IS ALL and just freak out on general principles. Either way, most of the tech dialogue in Favorite Son is notable because it makes sense, i.e., isn't actually technobabble.

Or maybe they're just frightened by those scary doorways.
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