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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Wow, "Before and After" gets the same score as "Favorite Son". What fresh alternate timeline is this, that I find myself thrust into?
I'm also very shocked that "Before and After" gets a 4/10. Its a really well liked episode of Voyager and in fact I think it won the best episode of season 3 and the second best episode of Voyager in the elimination games a while back ( and has a place on several people's top 10 lists.
Jammer gave it 3.5/4 ( and sfdebris gave it 8/10 (, and personally its one of my favorite episodes of all time.

I thought the mystery of her going back in time, seeing her relationship with Tom and how he's dealing with an aged spouse that can't remember him (similar to Alzheimer's sufferers) was very touching. Seeing an alternate future of Voyager was interesting too, and all of the action scenes were exciting and directed differently from what we'd seen before. I haven't had this much trouble accepting a score since theGodBen gave "Barge of the Dead" only a 2.5/5 but this score is even worse!

I'm not saying your opinion isn't valid because its in the minority, I'm just a bit surprised that your taste is so different.
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