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Re: The Wheel of Time

I do have to say that Brandon Sanderson has done a pretty good job of wrapping up the story. The characters seem much more fleshed out than when Robert Jordan was writing, which makes the task of relating to them easier. Even Cadsuane, whom I previously cannot stand, now seem a lot more sensible and wise under Sanderson's touch.

On the other hand I do miss the way Robert Jordan is able to vividly paint action sequences and convey in loving detail what's happening on a battlefield. The battle at Dumai's Wells is the perfect example. How easily Jordan was able to convey the hopelessness as tens of thousands of Shaido surrounded the White Tower's paltry force of a few thousand when suddenly gateways appear out of no where as Asha'man pour through them, blasting away with One power as another contingent of Asha'man link up in circles to form shields of air that merge as more and more shields are patched together until a giant silvery dome protectively surround Rand's forces.

With the final battle looming, I do have to wonder how Brandon Sanderson will be able to handle the clashing of armies.
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