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Re: What continuity errors are there on Voyager?

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It's also especially bad that in Good Shepherd, it's all Janeway can do not to roll her eyes right out of her head when Harren reveals that (gasp) he doesn't have the same wants in his life as Janeway.

"We're a family! As long as you agree with me on everything."
That's not fair because it wasn't what she was rolling her eyes at. She was rolling her eyes because he was condescending.
Well, Harren was the only remotely competent person on the Delta Flyer on that mission, so frankly I think he had a right to be condescending.
I disagree.
Thinking your better doesn't give anybody the green light for poor social skills. Doesn't matter how smart you are if people start tuning you out due to your attitude.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
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