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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Darkling: A unremarkable episode. I didn't care too much for "Evil Doctor." And the aliens of the week weren't particularly interesting. Still, this episode did have its good moments. I liked the scenes on the holodeck with the historical figures, and the Doctor's scene with B'Elanna at the beginning was quite funny. I also liked most of the scenes with Kes.
Darkling blows ass.

0/10. Worst episode of Voyager.

In contrast with Rise, Darkling shows what Kes is capable of doing when she's not buoyed up by Neelix. i.e., nothing.

What's worse is they never explain how the Doctor studying different philosophers translates into: " I must commit murder to protect Kes and stop her from leaving Voyager." There is nothing that ties the EMH's story to Kes',yet by the end were supposed believe they're intertwined?
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