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Re: What continuity errors are there on Voyager?

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No, he was stuck on a ship for 5 years with the exact same number of people, .
If you mean he was stuck on a ship for five years with the "exact same" number of people that was on Voyager... then no. Kirk's Enterprise had three times the number of crew. For him to get to know every last one of them would be far more challenging.

If you mean he was stuck for five years with the exact same number of people from week to week, year to year, then... well, kinda. Maybe not the EXACT same number; crew would rotate in and out, and the precise count wouldn't always be 430 on the nose. But generally the same number, sure.

But not the same people. Kirk's ship isn't off in the Delta Quadrant. Crew would come and go: people die, get promoted, transfer in, transfer out, etc. Same with the Ent-D and the Defiant. Part of the very premise of VOY was that the crew would be more of a "family", and that this would be shown in a more direct way than in other Trek shows. Instead, the background crew (and, really, everyone whose name didn't appear in the theme song every week) was far MORE disposable/replaceable than on DS9, with only a couple of exceptions (i.e. Icheb), rather than the reverse. At best, VOY is tied with TNG when it comes to the use of secondary characters.

"Good Shepard" was idiotic. It could have worked in a much earlier season, but as far into the show as season 6? At that point, it just undercut the "family" idea even more. The ep had this tone of unfamiliarity, like Janeway was trying to connect with these people and find out more about them while saying to herself, "Man, I never thought about this before! How many other members of this crew are just sitting around, feeling directionless?" It's like, ok, so it took you SIX YEARS to think about that?

It's an example of VOY presenting itself as nothing more than TNG lite; in this case, it's basically a really bad ripoff of TNG's "Lower Decks."
Sorry but I think you're overlooking the bigger picture as well as taking the concept of "family" to literally.
Janeway has to worry about the ENTIRE ship ALL THE TIME.
She doesn't have time to get to know EVERYONE on it on a personal level. She has much bigger issues to worry about on a regular basis. The person in charge of getting to know the crew and how well they work or don't is Chakotay and the senior officers of that dept. Janeway is always on the bridge, she never eats in the mess hall and is only called to sections where her senior staff is. When did Janeway ever have the time to get to know the entire crew on a personal level? Even when she had time off, she'd be called to the bridge. In 7 years Janeway never had the time nor luxury to get to know the entire crew personally.
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