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Re: The Wheel of Time

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Frankly, Jordan seemed to be writing just for the money, assuming he was paid by the word.
For the record, novelists aren't paid by the word. That's a magazine thing.
You'd know this, Greg. How much leeway are well known authors usually given by publishers compared to lesser known authors?
You mean regarding word counts? Typically, the word count is spelled out in the contract, although these are usually just considered guidelines. As a rule, nobody has a cow if a book contracted to be around 80,000 words comes in around 78,000 or 100,000 words instead. Now if it came in at 200,000 words instead, that might be an issue, but, sure, nobody is going to complain if Stephen King or Robert Jordan runs longer than anticipated (although at some point there might be a discussion of splitting the book into volumes).
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