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Re: The Wheel of Time

Started the series back in the nineties, read it again at some point, considering rereading it a third time just before Memory of Light comes out. Absolutely one of my favorite fantasy series, but is it because it is good, or because I grew up with it? Not sure. Most of the criticism leveled against it are quite valid, and starting from book seven or so the pace of things slows to a glacial crawl and the cast of characters becomes too large to be manageable or satisfying. Oh, and large numbers of the female characters(and more than a few male ones) are horribly, horribly annoying.

Sanderson has done a good job so far in wrapping things up(even if he doesn't quite feel like Jordan), but there is so much stuff left to do that it seems the last book is going to have to be a thousand pages long and move faster than Eye of the World to get everything done. And after so much lengthy build up, so many years, is that really going to satisfying? I hope it will be, fingers crossed. Please, please don't pull a Smallville where you build things up for ten years then give us a few seconds of what we've been wanting.
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