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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Kicking off my 2012 list:

1. Edge of Darkness: A

This Mel Gibson action thriller is actually quite good. This came out during, just after the whole fiasco of I think choking his girlfriend and threatning to kill her I think. It was for sure during Mels rough patch(it might still be going on).
Anyway I really enjoyed the movie. It has a similar theme going for it that Taken with Liam Neeson has. It came out a year later so coincidence, maybe. They aren't identical but similar.
Gibson's daughter shows up to see her dad, a Boston cop, after several years not seeing each other. Strained relationship. A tragedy happens that causes him to seek out who would do this to his daughter. What was she trying to tell him before the tragic event. The movie then begins a race to uncover the mystery and avenge her...before they shut him up.
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