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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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As for Pheebs (and I promise this will be the last Friends ref) maybe she offered 'extras' at her job in the massage parlour?
You mean like a few lines of "Smelly Cat" or whatever that stupid song was, LOL.

I really enjoyed Space Above and Beyond, what I saw of it when it first ran, and I got the Season Box Set for Christmas 2010, and watched it about a month ago (I've been watching all 26 Series of Classic Doctor Who during the last year, so, it took me a long time to be able to watch SAaB). Watching the whole Series straight through was fantastic, and so much I had missed from the first airing. The Season Finale Cliffhangers were really maddening though (Kinda like Farscape if they never would've made Peace Keeper Wars). So, I greatly appreciate the synopsis that was posted about where Season 2 was supposed to go.

I agree, with the concensus that West was boring, but, I really enjoyed the Paul Wang character and didn't feel he was a waste of air time like Nathan was.
No I was implying that she did favours for sailors but that's probably another thread
Maybe she disguised herself as her twin sister and did those favors for Paul in "Mad About You."

I thought Wang was boring, the only storyline that made him interesting was when he broke under capture from the Silicates but actor Joel Fuente hated that idea as he felt it was a demeaning cliche for Asian-Americans. At least Damphouse was pretty.
Like I said earlier, I liked Paul because he was an NFL fan and a geek. And Damphousse was pretty, right down to a pretty, lilting voice...which totally did not fit the concept of a rough and ready Leatherneck at all!

That said I did like the scene were McQueen and Wang late 'interrogate' the Silicate responsible.

Silicate; "Article 222 of the intergalactic legal code clearly states...."
McQueen (slamming his commando dagger into the table in front of him) "...NOTHING that means a damn inside THIS room!"
Bet they never had that at Guantanamo
That you know about...
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