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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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As for Pheebs (and I promise this will be the last Friends ref) maybe she offered 'extras' at her job in the massage parlour?
You mean like a few lines of "Smelly Cat" or whatever that stupid song was, LOL.

I really enjoyed Space Above and Beyond, what I saw of it when it first ran, and I got the Season Box Set for Christmas 2010, and watched it about a month ago (I've been watching all 26 Series of Classic Doctor Who during the last year, so, it took me a long time to be able to watch SAaB). Watching the whole Series straight through was fantastic, and so much I had missed from the first airing. The Season Finale Cliffhangers were really maddening though (Kinda like Farscape if they never would've made Peace Keeper Wars). So, I greatly appreciate the synopsis that was posted about where Season 2 was supposed to go.

I agree, with the concensus that West was boring, but, I really enjoyed the Paul Wang character and didn't feel he was a waste of air time like Nathan was.
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