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Re: The Wheel of Time

I enjoyed WoT up through book 7, A Crown of Swords, but when I found out it wasn't the last book in the series (I got into the series when the seventh was the latest book out), I rather hit a wall in my interest. The early books were released almost yearly; the recent ones, prior to the author's existence failure, were released about every three years. I've been buying the books in paperback for my library, but I'll wait to read them until the series is complete.

The density of detail, as you call it, is one of the features of the books that tends to turn people off, I think. Describing a dress in detail for more than a page, or even more than a paragraph, is unnecessary - it doesn't move the plot along. Frankly, Jordan seemed to be writing just for the money, assuming he was paid by the word. Editing the unnecessary details out would probably reduce books 7-11 to half the length, which wouldn't hurt.

The glacial pace of the plot annoys me. If the series needed to stretch to 14 books, I'd expect the epic tale of good-vs-evil to stretch over a decade or more, not the three years or so that seem to have elapsed in-universe from The Eye of the World.
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