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Re: Does It Get Better???

Ah yes, Threshold and Nothing Human. Both very bad episodes, I agree. However, they're at least watch-able to me.

Nothing Human - everyone on the ship decides that its better to be racist against a computer generated hologram than it is to save their friend. I'll still watch it. 1/10. Maybe even 2/10.

Threshold - The only things I didn't like about this episode were that Warp 10 != transwarp (some writer shoulda lost his head over that one) and that the ending was ridiculous. Other than that, the story could have worked had someone with decent writing chops got their hand on it first (likely RDM, if he wasn't on DS9 at the time). I'm inclined to give this one a 0/10 as well.

But due to lack of granular resolution in a discrete 0-10 scoring system, I need to clarify that Darkling is still worse than Threshold.

If there is an episode I like LESS than Darkling, its one that the OP hasn't gotten to yet that features Chakotay. I don't want to color the OP's judgement, so I'll wait until he gets to it.

EDIT: Oh, and while I was typing up my reviews, it appears two other posters went ahead and named it, so for clarity sake I am indeed referring to "The Fight".
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