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Re: Does It Get Better???

Anwar wrote: View Post
Yes yes yes, we all know you were expecting the show to be about the crew falling to pieces within the first two episodes and spend the entire series hating and plotting to murder one another. At least in their spare time while the rest of it would comprise of them all becoming vicious bloodthirsty space pirates who revel in being free of the Federation and go around ravaging, destroying and stealing everything from every sentient race encountered (especially the nice ones who welcome them) because that's "more true to life" and "better drama" than people who decide to overcome their differences and accept the aid others give them.
I can't count the number of times someone you've posted something like that and someone has completely deconstructed it and showed how ridiculous and silly your exaggeration is, yet you completely ignore it. For the last time, stop pretending as if no middle ground exists and its either one extreme or the other. I'm gonna try not to say anymore on the matter because I'm not interested in getting into the exact same debate with you I've had at least once before.

Navaros wrote: View Post
That's a great way of stating the same point that I'm trying to make. Voyager has vastly more filler content than it has story content.

That problem gets worse as the series progresses.
The show gets less cohesive after season 2, but the scripts for individual episodes get better starting with season 4 and beyond. So its definitely a toss up as to what's more important and either point is valid. Personally I'd say the show gets better simply because I *enjoyed* season 4 onwards a bit more due to the tighter scripts, less technobabble nonsense plots etc. But I can see the logic in saying you preferred the earlier seasons because they were the only ones with a continuing story beyond the basic premise of "get home".

I think it will be interesting to see how Anwar feels throughout his watch of Voyager and I'm enjoying the thread so far.
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