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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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Just how could this turn into a discussion about Friends?
Just a side discussion. Carry on.

I never could really get into Space: Above and Beyond, I think I also missed half of the episodes because of that. The final episode annoyed me.
What specifically annoyed you about it?

Forbin wrote: View Post
This thread got me amped, so I just watched Never No More and Angriest Angel again. Good lord, that was a good fracking show!!!
Indeed it was, my friend, indeed it was.

For all you Shane-iacs out there (yes, I know, but eventually we'll need a name) I offer one of my favorite episodes, "The Dark Side Of The Sun," which could also be called "Shane gets payback!"

The 58th gets deployed to sentry duty at a processing station and gets ambushed by A.I.s, "Silicates" (for the uninitiated, think nuBSG skin jobs dressed like ENT augments). Everyone is either captured or killed except for Vansen and West, and Vansen's having her own problems confronting the things that killed her parents. Eventually she gets over it enough to ask one of them why they targeted her family. When she finds out, lots of Silicates get blow'd up real good!

I remember back when I first saw this episode I talked to my brother about it, and he asked me if I thought Shane's vengeful actions were justified, and I was like: "If it had been me I wouldn't have stopped to talk to the rest of the squadron about before I blow'd 'em up real good!"

Cause that's what Shane does. She stops long enough to talk to the others, and has to listen to West try to talk her down. (West, who in the previous episode flat abandoned all of them just to find his girlfriend. The nerve.)

Except for that tiny bit of hesitation, this episode rules.
saturn5 wrote: View Post
Yeah, I remember Jennifer Anniston playing Herman's sister in Herman's Head
She was also the sister on the Ferris Bueller TV series.

Also, Chandler's folks are rich so maybe he subsidises him?
That explains him and you explained Joey. How do you explain flower child Phoebe who hates Pottery Barn chipping on rent?
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