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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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Perry was the funny one (even wrote a lot of his own stuff having previously been a scriptwriter),
Aniston and LeBlanc had some comedy chops. Aniston had a few sitcoms under her belt before Friends (I first crushed on her when she was on "Molloy") and LeBlanc guested on Married with Children and starred in the really short-lived Top of The Heap.

the girls were gorgeous but the show would have still worked if it had just been Chandler and Phoboe. Of course it would have essentially been Dharma and Greg...
Yes, but Dharma and Greg rocked. That was a funny show!

Yeah Playboy worked out for Joey to have lived where he was supposed to would have cost $5000 a month. But the camera makes everything look bigger and you need decent sized places in order to fit all the equipment in
I understand that, but it makes it look like people who make barista's salaries can afford to live on Central Park West. It's annoying.
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