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Re: Does It Get Better???

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By the time Coda has occurred, these people have been together for 2 1/2 years. Considering B'Elanna began this trip as a disaffected outsider and quickly became Janeway's goto gal in Engineering suggests a bond which grew quickly.
etc etc.
Why are you telling me any of this? I already know B'Ellana and Janeway have a bit of a bond but that doesn't make any of my criticisms of "Coda" wrong. My point still fully stands that having Janeway watch her own memorial for 4 minutes straight in the episode while everyone gushed about how great she was when it wasn't even REAL was absolutely ridiculous, pointless and on top of that showed her to be egotistical.
As I said, maybe if it had been a *real* memorial services and we got to see the real reactions of the crew then there would actually be something somewhat interesting or worthwhile. The episode was still a badly written, pointless mishmash of "The Next Phase" and "Cause and Effect" where we learned nothing about any of the characters or how they feel except that Janeway clearly believes the crew love her to pieces.

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I can't explain "directive 36a" w/o using spoilers, except to say that in a scenario where Voyager must be protected at all costs, it seems strange that the CHIEF engineer thinks its best she leave the ship.
Well who was going to go instead of B'Ellana? Some random yellowshirt from engineering? The main characters are always the ones to go on away missions regardless of how improbable (the Captain AND the First Officer both alone in a shuttle going to collect samples in "Coda"? PSHT!). That scene showed nothing about the Janeway/B'Ellana relationship unless you're really grasping for straws and desperately trying to find some subtext

RE: Darkling: I think the episode is OK but not terrible, it works better as a Kes episode than a Doctor episode.

RE: Rise: I thought it was incredibly boring the first time I saw it and it tends to be a really poorly received episode. I haven't seen it since then but I doubt I'd enjoy it much more. This was the episode where I was getting really fed up with Voyager compounded by the fact that there was ANOTHER fricking shuttle crash used to further the plot. The Darkling/Rise/Favorite Son group of episodes (sometimes called "The Triumvirate of Terror") is often considered the lowpoint of Voyager where it reallly starts to test people's patience.
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