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What kills me is, I hated Friends, and I remember when some of the cast (or maybe all of them) were jockeying for seven figs and I thought: "These people want to get paid a million dollars each to act in this shit?"
I like Friends and to be fair the actors were worth it (except Ross?).
Not all of them. Aniston, LeBlanc and Perry, maybe, who were actually funny. The rest were just there to be hip and ironic.

But it's cheap to make, no expensive costumes or fancy SFX makeup etc so they can afford to pay the cast,
True. All they needed was a coffee shop and two Manhattan apartments nobody in the universe could afford.

no sci-fi show could ever pay it's stars that much
So be it, but I would gladly have chipped in to pay Kristen Cloke Jennifer Aniston's salary because I'd rather have a couple of years of Space than eight years of "The One Where Phoebe says something else goofy and Ross acts nebbishy."
Perry was the funny one (even wrote a lot of his own stuff having previously been a scriptwriter), the girls were gorgeous but the show would have still worked if it had just been Chandler and Phoboe. Of course it would have essentially been Dharma and Greg...

Yeah Playboy worked out for Joey to have lived where he was supposed to would have cost $5000 a month. But the camera makes everything look bigger and you need decent sized places in order to fit all the equipment in
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