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Re: Does It Get Better???

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You are completely missing my point. I know that Janeway and B'Ellana had a mother/daughter dynamic but this is a season 3 episode and the memorial is all going on in Janeway's head. My point is that its incredibly egotistical to assume that you've had a life-changing effect on someone's life and envisage everyone gushing about you at your own funeral talking about how amazing you were. That just messed up and absolutely pointless to the story since its not even the real B'Ellana so technically we don't know how B'Ellana really feels at this point. And I know I'm not alone in feeling that that is only one of many problems with this poor episode.
Also your example from Unimatrix Zero is absolutely baffling, I don't see anything in that exchange that expresses any feelings between B'Ellana and Janeway. You're obviously trying to find some sort of subtext in absolutely any scene in which the two feature. The one in "Barge of the Dead" is an obvious one and its actually my 2nd favorite Trek episode of all time, but "Unimatrix Zero" doesn't show anything.


By the time Coda has occurred, these people have been together for 2 1/2 years. Considering B'Elanna began this trip as a disaffected outsider and quickly became Janeway's goto gal in Engineering suggests a bond which grew quickly.

Look at their first heart to heart, in episode 2...

TORRES:... Captain, I want to apologize for losing my temper in your Ready room. I think maybe you were hitting a little bit too close to home, you know? I respect Chakotay but he's wrong. I'm not officer material and we both know it. The truth is, I quit the Academy because I realised I couldn't make it in Starfleet, and believe me, no one was sorry to see me go.
JANEWAY: Professor Chapman was.
JANEWAY: He put a letter in your permanent file saying that should you ever re-apply, he would support you. He thought you were one of the most promising cadets he'd ever taught.
TORRES: I fought with him almost every day. I was always questioning his, his methods, his assumptions, and he was always slapping me down like some upstart kid. I was surprised he didn't help me pack my bags.
JANEWAY: Some professors like students who challenge their assumptions, B'Elanna. And so do some captains. Professor Chapman wasn't alone. Many of your teachers thought you had the potential to be an outstanding officer. You had more friends at the Academy than you realized.

Whether it was bonding over quantum singularity riddles, or primitive planets or saving each other over the years, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a psychologist for Janeway to see the impact she's had on any of her crew. In fact, I believe that's part of her job... to mold young officers (physically, mentally) into becoming leaders.

I can't explain "directive 36a" w/o using spoilers, except to say that in a scenario where Voyager must be protected at all costs, it seems strange that the CHIEF engineer thinks its best she leave the ship.

That's why Tom looks so shocked.

As for me looking for "subtext"... I REALLY hope you mean that I am pushing MAMA Janeway's agenda and not some other agenda.

As I've said elsewhere in various Voy threads and the Xena thread... when I look at J/T or even J/7... all I can think of is Crocodile Dundee when he looked at the would-be mugger.

"That's not a knife (J/T subtext)... THIS is a knife (X/G subtext).
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