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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

I've been in the Voyager forum for about a month now, commenting on the thread "Does It Get Better???". I'm over half way through season three so far, and for the most part I am enjoying the show. The Kazon Arc has definitely been the highlight so far for me, and my favorite episodes at this point in time are Basics P1/P2, Alliances, The Thaw, Investigations, Unity, and Coda. As I continue through the series I hope to add more episodes to this list of favorites.
I am primarily a TNG fan since that's what turned me into a Trek fan, but I also like DS9 quite a bit, and the TOS films aren't too bad either.
I'm glad to be here in the Voyager forums. If you want to chat Voyager with me, head on over to the thread I started title "Does it Get Better???". As I watch new episodes I post my comments and ratings in that thread. If you want to discuss any episodes with me, feel free to hop on over to that thread!
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