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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

The same can be said about acting. A person either can act, because they have the innate ability to, or their ability to act was unlocked. Some people can't act, no matter the training they get.

The original production of West Side Story is a good example. They needed people who could sing, dance and act. They could find very few who could do all three and not enough to fill the rolls of Tony, Maria, Anita, Riff and Bernardo. So they took what they could, those who could sing and act. In the original production and revivals, some characters, those who can't dance stayed back and sang. The movie did the same, except they took those who could dance and act. In a movie singing can be dubbed in.

So I do hope Swift can act. I do think On My Own is a make it or break it song, as is One Day More, A Little Fall of Rain, Red and Black, Stars, I Dreamed a Dream, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables and Do You Hear the People Sing? A lot of songs need to be sung well and any one of those, or more than one, will ruin the musical.

The movie version of The Phantom of the Opera, fell when it's lead could not, in my opinion, sing The Music of the Night or Past the Point of No Return. It brought down the whole musical.

Éponine is important in four songs: On My Own, One Day More, A Heart Full of Love (Which I wouldn't be surprised if it were cut from the movie.), and A Little Fall of Rain. If she can't adapt her singing style or act, the musical is in big trouble.

A lot rides on Éponine's shoulders.
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