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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Garrett wrote: View Post
We're still seeing the occasional server queue on Jung Ma.
Yeah. It's still bad.

I Snatched my Legacy there during Early Access and left for Ajunta Pall and haven't gone back since. There have been times when I've thought about it, go to the server screen, and find that it's the only one on the list with a queue.

The problem is Bioware didn't allow for any RP-PvP guild allocation. So all the pre-launch RP-PvP guilds decided to pick that one the Monday before early access, and that was a helluva lot of people.

sojourner wrote: View Post
^At the rate bioware may be adding content it may be a while before you hang it up. A new planet is coming in 1.1.
I just hope they don't fall into that trap of continuously adding new content and not fixing the stuff they already have.

The two endgame Ops should be fixed before they add any new ones.

Though I admit the giant Huttmobile does look kinda cute.
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