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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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Hey man I'm just stating my piece. It may do well... but I think the casual moviegoer will look carefully at the Tomato Meter.

I for one, can't wait until Hollywood get's more real ideas for films. Sure this comic book stuff is cool, but it's wearing thin.
You're not stating your piece, you're making claims that you see as fact, which are only opinion. The only 'fact' is, that you have issues with Josh Wedon, and that for you it's now fact that The Avengers will bomb.

You certainly have a point, Hollywood IS out of ideas. But I think people are forgetting sometimes that the general idea of Hollywood is still the same now as it was so many years ago: money!! Sure, there is arthouse (which I love at times). Sure, there have been some fantastic drama's over the years, where acting and plot will take centerseat.
But don't kid yourself or anyone else, from the very first movies that were made, Hollywood has been about money. From Chaplin and Laurel And Hardy, to gladiatormovies and Charlton Heston, to Stallone and the Governator, and now through the wonderfull medium of comicbook-adaption, most movies made were created to bring in the green. So it was then, so it is now, so it shall be.
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