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I seem to recall a scene that was probably driven by fan criticism, wherein McQueen addresses the troops: "I've heard some whining about having to be both pilots AND ground pounders. May I remind you that you are Marines, and you will do whatever you are ordered to do!"

And that was the end of that discussion!
Actually, his exact words were "This isn't the AIR FORCE!" Followed by a motto of the Corps that sums it up nicely: "Every Marine a Rifleman!" It was in the ep "Dear Earth."

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I've heard cost talked about before as a reason for why some shows don't get second seasons, and that's obviously a factor, but it's always been my contention that a big enough viewership would make money no object. I think if S:AAB (or Firefly, or Caprica, what have you) had the ratings that Cheers or Friends got on a consistent basis advertisers would gladly pay through the nose to sponsor such shows and the network in turn would gladly pay whatever it took to keep them on the air.
Sadly, that's not always the case. The original BSG never fell out of the top 25 shows, but CBS counter-programmed All In the Family and Alice against it, causing it to drop out of the top 10. BSG's high cost and troubled production schedule (partly ABC's fault for going to series too fast) made ABC think it could be more successful in that timeslot by moving the much cheaper to make powerhouse of Mork & Mindy against CBS on Sunday at 8. (That didn't turn out to be the case, and Mork's ratings dropped so much that the show never recovered.) BSG was killed despite doing pretty well in the ratings against some of the toughest competition on network TV: Archie Bunker.
Reference here.
I guess you're right. I just like to think that the show would have gotten at least one more season if it had an overwhelming fan base.
The curse of sci-fi, it's reasonably expensive in relation to the figures it gets. SAAB had a huge budget for it's day and just couldn't justify it for the audience it got. Classic BSG suffered from the same problem, Bab 5 and New BSG had the advantage of cheap and effective CGI which meant they survived. By contrast a comedy series like 'Friends' has no stunts, no special effects, can be filmed entirely in the studio and get good ratings, the most expensive thing is the cast's salary. Then of course in reality TV you don't even need that
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