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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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Well, let's see. Batmman and Robin failed mainly because of a bad script and bad tone. But it also failed because it was overstuffed. Have you all noticed the larger your "superstar cast" is for a superhero film, the worse it will do. Sure Batmna Begins has a lot of superstars, but almost all of them played background supporting characters and were well aware that the tone of the film was more serious then not. They were there to serve the story. Here we have many of the cast playing wisecracking heroes who don't get along with each other, and clearly not enough time can be spent on any one of them to create a real sense of story or drama. I am sorry it just looks to me like they just took all the crap from the individual films and through them in the drier and set it to tumble and spin. Let's not forget, too that superhero onwi (sp?) is starting to settle in with the populace. This could be good, sure, or it could be another Green Lantern. Many people will wait to see the Tomatometer and realize that critics will think it's crap.
Batman and Robin actually made a fair bit of money, so whatever else it was, it wasn't a 'flop.'

Thor and Cap are hardly wisecracking heroes, we don't know how Hawkeye will be portrayed (but they'd hardly cast Jeremy Renner in that sort of role, would they?)

Green Lantern wasn't that well known among the general populace and suffered from being yet another superhero movie last summer. The Avengers is hardly 'yet another' superhero movie and the main characters are all well known.

And since when has critical acclaim made an awful lot of difference to the box office of superhero movies? Spider-man 3 got slated but made shedloads of money; Superman Returns got good reviews but underperformed.
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