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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Seeing as how you can get a character up to VA in a matter of days, weeks, or a month or so if you go slow (although the DOFF system speeds that WAY up), having to wait almost 2 years for the free VA ship seems a bit insulting, honestly. Means if you've been playing since open beta, you'd have just earned your VA ship in the last month or two. In the meanwhile, you'd have had to buy one (or go without) for almost 2 years of play...

I guess it's good for your 5th or 6th toon, maybe, but more insulting that useful. I guess when my next toon gets there, i can get the Intrepid refit, as I've already got a Galaxy-X and a Sao Paulo. then again, everything but the escort is basically worthless in the new STF system, so why bother?
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