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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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If you thought this was supporting the case for the director as the primary creative force, you are quite mistaken.
I said it would be of interest, not that it would support any alleged auteurist stance of mine. And although I've pointed this out before, I am not, for the record, an auteurist. I simply find that your stance, which not only rejects the director as the film's author, but rejects that the director has almost any creative input, is not supported by any observation of Hollywood film production past or present.

Your belief that someone must be enraged in order to reject conventional wisdom is really quite shocking. How positively reactionary.
It's the only explanation I can find for your fanatic devotion to an untenable position. Auteurism, by the way, is hardly conventional wisdom; it's been out of favor in cinema and media studies since the early 1980s.

CaptainCanada wrote:
3. Blade Runner (B)

This is one of the landmarks of the sci-fi genre and hugely influential on an aesthetic level (and watching it you can easily imagine how remarkable this vision of the future would have looked in 1982). However, three decades later, the aesthetics have become standard, and the story is not really that interesting. Rutger Hauer is the most compelling aspect of the film by far.
I'm curious, which version did you see?
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