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Re: Lucasfilm's "Red Tails" Trailer Now Online

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I dunno... the combat scenes look incredibly fake, and that's a big problem for me in a movie like this.
What about them look fake to you? This is a big argument I've heard since CG has been prevalent and no one can ever explain why they look fake, just that they do.
I actually can't put my finger on it either. The planes might be photorealistic, but something about the whole thing makes it look fake.
It's because in the back of your head you know it's CGI and that you, as a viewer, can't be in the real world position to watch these dogfights so clearly and therefore consciously you reject the scene for a bit.

If you can watch some 60s or 70s (or even 80s) fighter movies.. hell, watch Top Gun which everyone knows and has seen and you will notice the difference.

Personally i had the same problem with LotR.. as grand and awesome the SFX were i always knew it was "just" a special effect and therefore it took me a bit out of the movie but only a tiny fraction.

If the story is well written and acted i don't mind the CGI battles if they are also well done and judging from the trailers i'd say they are so i'll be in the cinema when it airs in Germany.
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