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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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If Berman hadn't set up DS9 and VOY to compete alongside the film series, the TNG movies could've been better.
He didn't. The studio did. Berman was adamantly opposed to creating Voyager at the time they did. He felt that the mantle should be passed from TNG to DS9 so that there would be one TV series on the air and one film series running, as had been done successfully for many years. He felt that creating another spinoff at the time was making one too many trips to the well and would end badly.

And he was right.

Unfortunately, Paramount overruled him and told him basically that there was going to be another Trek series with or without him. Faced with that, he gave in and joined with Piller and Taylor to create Voyager.
Yep. As usual, Berman gets more blame than he deserves. He made some mistakes, but not nearly as many as some people think.
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