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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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I didn't really care for it at first. After seeing the final episode, I thought it may be worth it to see the whole thing. A couple years back I got the DVDs for cheap. There were worse ways to kill a weekend.

I thought it was odd though, the way everyone was a pilot and a ground troop. Reminded me of the GIJoe cartoons from the 80s. I really wasn't sure if it was a conscious statement on the part of the writers to make future warriors completely adaptable. Or just lazy writing. "Eh, !@#$ it, everyone's a pilot and ground pounder. And a diver. And they snow board."
I'm afraid you have to chalk that up to the cliches of storytelling, like Captain Kirk leading every away party or The Unit's members being able to blend into every enviroment, the series wanted to explore every aspect of the war but keep the continuity of the characters
Right. It was just easier to have one set of main characters to insert in all aspects of the war than it would have been to have different teams for every dimension of warfare or to concentrate just on the "air" war like "Black Sheep Squadron" (another fine series about Marine Corps Aviators).

And it seems like Kristen Cloke/Shane Vansen has emerged as the crush/darling/babe of the show. I'm not surprised at all. When Space was cancelled, I followed her to Millenium where she had a recurring role (the only reason to watch that show really).

Then, years later, she did Final Destination. I've since forgiven her, but it took a while.
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