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Re: Does It Get Better???

We don't know that Admiralscreed knows about that situation though!! So that's kind of a spoiler.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Garret Wang was suspended as well, I've read that in multiple places. The fact that he couldn't even arrive on set on time and was a bad actor just makes it smart even more that he didn't get released at the end of season 3. His character *definitely* had potential but I don't feel the actor was up for it and I think the writers knew it.

You are completely missing my point. I know that Janeway and B'Ellana had a mother/daughter dynamic but this is a season 3 episode and the memorial is all going on in Janeway's head. My point is that its incredibly egotistical to assume that you've had a life-changing effect on someone's life and envisage everyone gushing about you at your own funeral talking about how amazing you were. That just messed up and absolutely pointless to the story since its not even the real B'Ellana so technically we don't know how B'Ellana really feels at this point. And I know I'm not alone in feeling that that is only one of many problems with this poor episode.
Also your example from Unimatrix Zero is absolutely baffling, I don't see anything in that exchange that expresses any feelings between B'Ellana and Janeway. You're obviously trying to find some sort of subtext in absolutely any scene in which the two feature. The one in "Barge of the Dead" is an obvious one and its actually my 2nd favorite Trek episode of all time, but "Unimatrix Zero" doesn't show anything.


RE: Blood Fever - I'm not a fan of this episode but its not terrible. It just feels like a dirty episode to me, all the close camera angles and sweating, just icky. Also the climax with the fight at the end was kinda lame. I do appreciate that it builds the relationship between Tom and B'Ellana though.

Re: Unity - now THIS is an episode that deserves a score of 8. I thought it was a pretty genius concept to show the good side of being in a collective. Can you imagine if this world was suddenly formed into a collective like the Borg? There would be instant peace and harmony. Great episode, well executed.

Oh and yes AdmiralScreed, its great hearing your opinions but I'm sure you appreciate hearing other's opinions especially if they're wildly different, no?
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