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Has there ever been a cast of Power Rangers you were not too fond of?
The current one (Samurai) is pretty dreadful. They seem like nice enough people, but they're severely lacking in talent, the least capable cast the franchise has ever had. Saban just wouldn't pay enough to get competent actors, so I'm told.

I wasn't too fond of the SPD cast either. The premise seemed interesting enough, and I liked it in theory that they were giving the team distinct personalities and character conflict, but I just didn't like them much, and I'm not sure how much of that was how the characters were written and how much was the actors.

Sure, Jason David Frank as Tommy was more than capable of taking on the lead role once Austin St. John as Jason was let go, but I really felt that Steve Cardenas as Rocky could not live up to his predecessor's Red Ranger role (He really felt just a dime a dozen.) and Karan Ashley's Aisha -- although her acting was better than her predecessor's -- just didn't have that certain something that drew her to the audience.
She was no Thuy Trang, true, but I liked her.

David Yost as Billy remained to continue to receive a paycheck, although he proved to be quite likable as a continuing supporting character.
He was by far the weakest actor of the original cast. I think I found it something of a relief when he finally moved on.

The original MMPR 5 + Jason David Frank as the Green Ranger had that certain "something" that all other casts lacked. The later casts just didn't draw you in like the originals.
The original cast was an impressive group overall (Yost aside), particularly Johnson, Jones, and Trang. But there have been other impressive casts. The Time Force cast was strong, with Erin Cahill a particular standout. I also think Lightspeed Rescue, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, and Jungle Fury had fairly good casts overall. And RPM had a fantastic cast, not a dud in the bunch. In terms of talent, they were the best cast ever, and in terms of charisma they were second only to the original MMPR team.
Ironic, considering David Yost and Amy Jo Johnson were the only 2 out of the original cast to have a theatrical background from their university days.
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