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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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^I can't disagree with that -- if we stipulate the hypothetical that the program would've penetrated more widely and crippled the Borg, then a Destiny-like retaliation would've been a likely response and would've spelled doom for the Federation, since at the time there was no Titan to stumble upon the Caeliar.
Huh. So I've managed to convince myself that Picard made the right decision re: Hugh, in that ethical abnd astropolitical questions aside the plan would require the paradox's unlikely complete penetration of the entire Collective.

I've also managed to convince myself that Janeway's decision re: the transwarp hub wasn't unreasonable and is arguably a defensible one, even in the context of Destiny: the Federation and its neighbours knew more about the Borg, they would have access to sophisticated technologies that would help them further resist the Collective, and the destruction of the transwarp hub would not only seriously damage the Collective but demonstrably prevent Borg ships from arriving in Federation space. If not for the Caeliar's subspace corridors--unknown to the Federation and its neighbours, and apparently unknown to the Borg until a late date--this might actually have worked out fine.
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