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I agree with the sentiment that McQueen, Hawkes, and Vansen (in that order) basically carried the show. As far as lead characters go, Nathan West was a pretty weak one. Maybe one of the few negatives points in that show.

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Col. McQueen was one of the best bad-ass characters in science fiction.

To wit:
Here's a clip which continues right after that moment... McQueen taking on Chiggi Van Richthofen singlehandedly, avenging the death of Lt. Winslow. Probably one of the show's best episodes:
It wasn't so much McQueens combat with Chiggy (to which BSG's 'Scar' owes an obvious debt) but his reflection afterwards.

'Now I know who I am. But who was he? And who was she?'

That's what raises SAAB to a higher level, gives it the emotional resonance that means we still adore it nearly 20 years later.

As for Damphouse she was ok, she needed more to do. But Wang and West were the dead losses. I did like Martin Jarvis' guest star role, nice to see the Grenadier Guards are still serving King and Country hundreds of years in the future.
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