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Re: Is Picard a hypocrite?

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Don't forget "Ensigns of Command" when Picard had Data effectively convince the people of Tau Cigna to relocate to give in to Sheliak demands. In both "Ensigns of Command" and "Journey's End" the people being relocated were subject to a Federation-ratified treaty.
Such colonists perceive themselves as sovereign because they have virtually no dealings with the Federation and because the world which they experience everyday has been created by them and not some UFP bureaucrats. Yet they are Federation citizens.
This conflict seems to have also been the basis for the Maquis issue.

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Why does everybody simply believe the words of the So'na? They cheated the Federation and stabbed it in the back so why shouldn't the have lied about the medical benefits of the radiation?
You know this really makes no sense? If the S'ona simply wanted to exterminate the Ba'ku, they could've run in, did the deed and been out before the Federation was aware of what happened.

It wouldn't have taken long since all six hundred are in a centralized location, not spread all over the planet.
Sure, they obviously needed the Federation. Doesn't mean that they might not have manipulated the data to exaggerate the medical benefits of this funky radiation, doesn't mean that they wouldn't have stabbed the UFP in the back if Picard had not interfered, doesn't mean that Dougherty's "let's trade-off lives" calculation is not totally obscene and wicked.
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