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Re: Is Picard a hypocrite?

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A few points

1.>The planet was ceded to the Cardassians as party of a peace treaty, some cardassian worlds became Federation worlds.
The Cardassian government did everything they could to get around that treaty as soon as it was signed, that's why the Maquis was created. The Federation was willing to remove its own citizens to appease a dictatorship that has been shown to be untrustworthy and aggressive, using any peace agreement to secretly further their militaristic ambitions.

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2.>The Inhabitant's were Federation citizens
They moved away from the Federation though, should the Federation still have power over their lives if they choose to move away? In that episode it seemed like the Federation was more interested in placating a dictatorship, rather protecting the rights of its own citizens, that comes off as cowardly and immoral.

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3.>With the Ba'ku the orders were based on a false assumption. Once it became known that the Sona and Ba'ku where the same race. the Prime Directive kicked in. i.e Starfleet officers should take all steps to avoid becoming invovled in the internal affairs of other races.
Except Picard didn't know that when he started this little insurrection, so before that revelation, there was no good reason for Picard to side with the aliens who looked like white people and not the aboriginals.

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As for whether or not the Cardassians intended to keep their end of the treaty is a moot point. Are you really trying to argue the point that the UFP should perhaps force a war that could cost millions of lifes just because the Cardassians MAY not keep the treaty.
I'm saying they should have been a bit more forceful with the Cardassians and stopped bending over backwards for them to protect a rather unjust and corrupt peace. The Federation looked like it was run by Neville Chamberlain in that episode. There is a huge middle ground between appeasement and open conflict.

War is bad, but having an unjust peace with a dictatorship that doesn't act in good faith and doesn't plan on abiding by any agreement is also bad.
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