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Re: Does It Get Better???

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The doctor kills Janeway- stupid, stupid, stupid, what’s the point of this? If the parasite is trying to convince Janeway that she died, its probably best not to have her believe that one of her crew is acting totally out of character. Clearly another scene only added for the supposed "cool" factor of seeing one of our characters kill another.
Since the alien is using and manipulating Janeway's memories and thoughts I don't think this is too unrealistic a scenario. This is only season 3 so Janeway and the Doctor are not particularly close at this point and the crew still occasionally treat him as if he were merely a tool or a piece of machinery; Janeway is no different in this regard. When your only qualified medical personnel is a computer program I would think it would only be natural to have some latent anxieties about it breaking down or malfunctioning; this is a serious barrier to creating a trusting relationship. A problem that is only exacerbated when you are the captain. Having the Doctor turn on her or, if you like, solve a problem with a solution that would obviously be unacceptable to most actual people, is simply a way to show the alien is tapping into and using pre-exisiting anxieties.

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“The Next Phase” is ripped off
Trek rips off its prior episodes all the time. I don't think this is necessarily a poorer attempt at the idea than The Next Phase.In fact I think it succeeds emotionally far better than the TNG episode did.

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“Go back to hell coward” – Unrealistic, crappy dialogue.
Ha. Yeah, admittedly this line has always seemed a little incongruous.

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But most important, I loved watching how SHE perceives her interactions with the crew and what she thinks would be THEIR reaction to her death. Her characterization of B'Elanna and Harry's was spot on, IMHO.
I totally agree. I don't think the memorial service comes off as being overly egotistical. I can imagine B'Elanna and Harry saying exactly the things they said. The "...these are the times we have to remember" line almost seems like a moment between Janeway and Harry that could have been in a prior episode. But I also like that because of the way the episode is it's obviously a moment that Janeway herself thought was important.

Neither do I think that any relationship between Harry and Janeway is portrayed in Coda that wasn't already there in previous episodes. I think it's always been well established that Janeway is protective of Harry and he looks up to her like anybody else on their first important assignment would look up to their superior officer, if not more so due to Voyager's circumstances. She would know this and therefore it isn't strange or out of place that Harry would speak in such a way at her imaginary memorial.
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