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Re: WIP - USS Enterprise: the R-Protocol

He's not done with it--but it looks great as is.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
And nacelles are always the hardest to get right.
Ain't that the truth. I did like the nacelles as drawn by an individual who calls himself justicar.

Orne's are just perfect for Aridas concept of an Advanced Circumferential Engine

Wingsley wrote: View Post
I think the twin secondary hull would work better if it were balanced with a larger (Ariel) saucer and longer wings for the nacelles.
I can see that. Corey Brown was working on the Ariel--or had put it aside. Orne you might have an interest in picking that up for a physical model:

Orne wrote: View Post
Didn't like the aesthetics of the Excelsior secondary hull, which basically is stretched enormously to accomodate its shuttle-bays.
That's more true on Ingram http://federationreference.prophpbb....10.html#p13502

Excelsior itself only seems to have that little dome on the very back--and that doesn't extend so very far.

What you have done is to imagine a follow-on the the Enterprise refit that has nothing to do with Excelsior or any of its lineage--but to continue the refit era design and take it to the next level, for which I am thankful in that not enough has been done.

I've seen some stretched secondary hulls but they are a little simple and flat. You also lowered the saucer and raised the nacelles giving the ship that muscle car look
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