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In fact, I suspect the cut scenes showed the unwashed masses not to be so darkly impulsed, which would mean that Soderbergh made the movie a little worse than it had to be! In other words, the director as auteur was just the guy who fucked up something. This is creativity?
I have no idea what the cut scenes contained (or when, for that matter, they occurred during the movie); I only know they were excised. The effort you go to to contort this information into your rage against film directors is amusing, though. Suspect away!

You might find this short article by the movie's screenwriter of interest.

Giving the most power to the person who has the least creative contribution I think explains one of the fundamental problems with Hollywood's creative process. And yes, I do think there's a creatively flawed process at work.
I agree, movie producers and studio executives offer a lot of interference with the creative process.

The funny thing is, the real issue may be the belief that Contagion is a bad movie, and Traffic is a good one.
I thought Contagion was a good, if not great, thriller. Traffic was a silly mess. The critics don't agree with me, though -- they liked both films. Here, posters almost all seemed to like it. So, what are you talking about?


1. Holy Rollers (B-)
2. The Kids Are All Right (B)
3. History of the World, Part 1 (C-)
4. Blazing Saddles (A+)

Two Mel Brooks films; the first on Blu-Ray, the second on DVD. History is, I think, an attempt to do a Life of Brian-like historical comedy (indeed, most of the film is set during the Roman period, despite its wider ambitions), but it doesn't quite succeed. Certainly, there are moments of individual brilliance, like "The Inquisition," a sharp musical number that is darkly comedic, but on the whole, the jokes are delivered at too slow a pace to compare to the Python movie.

Blazing Saddles is much more successful. A lot of film histories credit it with destroying the Western film genre, and although this is a gross exaggeration, I can see why historians might leap to that conclusion. The movie does perform an excellent job pointing out the conventions of many a Western (and by pointing out, I mean to say, poking fun at without reprieve). Honestly, it's just a damned funny movie, from beginning to end. I haven't seen every film by Mel Brooks, but I've seen enough to stand by a claim that this is his best movie by a wide margin.

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