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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Ooooo... the Klingon Power pony tail!!!!

OMG... What happens when you cross Dali and Janeway!

Of course, I prefer (what I call ) the "Gibson girl" to all others...

Same song, different take:

Lol! It's Janeway! I wouldn't care if she was bald!....Eh, but let's not create that image. I wonder how she'd look with Seven of Nine's French twist hair-do?
She wore it in season 2, IIRC... (check out 0:20 in the above videa) and also in season 1's Cathexis:

As for being bald, go back to 1:22 of the hair montage tho my fav scene is still the one where HARRY is cutting off her hair for kindling. Something PICARD could have never done for HIS crew.

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