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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

I'm glad to see the show had so many fans. Thanks for joining in the thread!

A few people mentioned "Who Monitors The Birds?" as being a favorite ep. It is absolutely one of my favorites. There is actually some dialogue, but most of it is in flashbacks Cooper is having while he's trying to get out of Chig territory. This ep is truly his story, and it plays out like a classic Twilight Zone story, especially in scenes where he's in the In Vitro Facility where he was born. The visuals, the background music, the situation all combine to scream out "You're traveling through another dimension..."

Especially "Dead Shane Vansen" throwing herself all over Coop while he's evading Chigs. That was classic.

I've heard cost talked about before as a reason for why some shows don't get second seasons, and that's obviously a factor, but it's always been my contention that a big enough viewership would make money no object. I think if S:AAB (or Firefly, or Caprica, what have you) had the ratings that Cheers or Friends got on a consistent basis advertisers would gladly pay through the nose to sponsor such shows and the network in turn would gladly pay whatever it took to keep them on the air.

But, of course, that theory depends on them getting those ratings...and they didn't.

It seems T.C. McQueen is a favorite around these parts. I liked him, but I never thought of him as a favorite, at least not as much as Commodore Ross, who once threatened to make a security puke walk "all 12.6 lightyears" back to Earth to a specific guitar shop if he damaged the guitar the commodore serenaded the 58th with in a previous episode.

But yeah, the exchange between Ross and McQueen in "The Angriest Angel" makes the episode a standout.

And yes, West was charisma free, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Wang because he's a football nut (heaven forbid any TNG character like a sport as violent and uncouth as American Football) and he comes across as kind of a geek. Damphousse was actually more useless, so much so that they tried to make her into a psychic one episode.

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