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Re: Does It Get Better???

Those are all good points, You_Will-Fail. A couple of those things bothered me as well, but despite its many flaws I still enjoyed Coda quite a bit.

Also, you mentioned that my scores for season 3 had been pretty high so far. A couple comments on that.
-I have gone back and adjusted some of my ratings. Here is how the season stacks up so far:

Basics P2 10
Flashback 6
The Chute 5
The Swarm 5
False Profits 4
Remember 5
Sacred Ground 3
Future’s End P1 6
Future’s End P2 8
Warlord 5
The Q And The Grey 3
Macrocosm 4
Fair Trade 7
Alter Ego 6
Coda 8

For the most part the scores haven't been too bad, but I think that is primarily due to the terrific performances of the cast and not due to the writing staff. The actors have really been holding the show together, and I'm afraid that with a lesser group this show wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable.

I'm a little ashamed to say this because I'm a hardcore TNG fan, but as a whole I like the Voyager cast a little bit more than the TNG cast, but if I were to go back and rewatch TNG, I can guarantee you that every season of that show would have higher averages than this Voyager season has so far. And why is that? Because TNG had a terrific writing staff......and also because TNG had Patrick Stewart as Picard. I think that with much better writing Voyager could be just as good as TNG, if not better. That's why it's such a shame that the talent of these actors are being wasted on such ridiculous scripts.
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