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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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^ I remember overhearing someone saying that "'im 'rry" is playing the Riddler in the new Batman film' and thinking that at last Tim was getting his big break! Of course, it was Jim Carrey, not Tim Curry - though I wasn't too disappointed in that choice either.
Kind of a similar thing happened to me with the first film. Someone overheard me talking about the casting of Michael Keaton and said "he'll make a great Joker."
They were in good company. When Burton told Keaton that he was making a Batman movie and wanted to cast Keaton in it, the actor's first reaction was 'Oh, as The Joker? Yeah, I'd be up for that.' Cue double-take when the director tells him what part he wanted him for.

I know this is well off the Superman topic, but I think Tom Cavanagh (Yogi Bear, Ed, Scrubs) looks really like The Joker.

(And it's hard to believe from his imdb page that he's 49 this year )
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