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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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Are you asking me if I believe the Federation should be the Milky Way's police force?

No, I don't. If asked to defend a planet/culture/civilization, sure, the Federation should help out. But no, they shouldn't go off and hunt/destroy the Borg.
The 'they didn't give the explicit consent' excuse is merely grasping at straws.
Do you actually think that any of the many cultures about to be destroyed by the borg would say 'NO'? Well, I guess one or two suicidal civilisations might - but the rest would say an emphatical 'YES, do help'.
I'm not saying they should ask permission first.

I'm saying I don't want the Federation to become nothing but a culture devoted to Borg hunting. If someone ASKS for help, sure, that's great. The Federation should NOT have to contact every species in the galaxy and ask if they want help against the Borg. That's asinine.

And there's a HUGE difference between USA's 'policing' and stopping the borg from destroying entire civilisations.
If USA would intervene only to stop genocidal armies who are currently killing millions - guess what? USA would more than have the moral right to do it.
The USA can do things to stop a genocidal army without devoting its entire culture toward that one goal. The USA is already technologically superior to the majority of other factions on the planet. The Federation could barely last a month in a war of attrition with a fraction of the Borg Collective.

Do you just want the Federation to die?

Anyway, this is an odd thing for you to be arguing that the Federation should be doing. Why is it Janeway's fault for destroying the transwarp hub and siccing the Borg on the Federation, but active genocide is the moral course of action? Wouldn't the Borg react even MORE aggressively to someone actively trying to wipe them off the face of the universe? Why is Janeway culpable for destroying the transwarp hub but escalating a war with the Borg is a wonderful idea?
Read my previous posts on this thread - it's already answered.
I'm not reading every post you've made in a thirty page thread for the one point. Summarize it for me?
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