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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

Brilliant show and going to rewatch it online myself soon (you can't get the DVDs in Europe). For me Cooper Hawkes and Shane Vansen were the standouts especially in the brilliant 'Who monitors the birds?' which Joss Whedon cites as one inspiration for 'Hush'. Colonel McQueen was also excellent in The Angriest Angel (certainly BSG thought so for their ep 'Scar').
Weak points? Wang and West, especially Morgan Weisser who was a charisma free zone. You can see the makers getting a little more desperate for ratings as time goes on, bringing in David Duchovny as a guest star and getting the gorgeous Kristen Kloke to show more and more skin (not that this was a bad thing)
Apparently there were no scripts for the second season written but this was the provisional storyline;

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