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Re: Does It Get Better???

Soo many things wrong with this episode.

The captain and first officer in a shuttle together going to collect some random samples - implausible plot contrivance
The shuttle crashes – Jeez , that’s not overdone!
Time loops – Rip off of the very popular episode “Cause and Effect” for absolutely no reason that’s relevant to the plot and probably only done to pad out the episode and make people go “oooh I like time travel, its fun and high concept!!”
Janeway has the phage – As I said before, *this* is a good plot concept and probably better than the one we’re dealing with here
The doctor kills Janeway- stupid, stupid, stupid, what’s the point of this? If the parasite is trying to convince Janeway that she died, its probably best not to have her believe that one of her crew is acting totally out of character. Clearly another scene only added for the supposed "cool" factor of seeing one of our characters kill another.
The time loops end and...?– Basically the first 20 minutes of the episode was a waste of time having nothing to do with anything. This alien parasite is meant to make her believe she’s dead, no one can convince me that time loops would be needed or relevant whatsoever in that plan.
“The Next Phase” is ripped off – So Janeway runs about the ship like a ghost just like in “The Next Phase” except in this instance none of its real, so the character reactions to her “death” mean absolutely nothing, zilch, nada. Oh and the memorial retroactively creates some kind of relationship between Janeway and Kim that we’ve never seen.
“Go back to hell coward” – Unrealistic, crappy dialogue. At least “Assimilate this!” took place in a movie and had that excuse, Janeway should not be coming off with dumb one liners only suitable for an 80s action here.
What did this episode teach us? – We realize it was all just in Janeway’s head and we don’t really learn anything about any of the characters except that even Janeway’s not stupid enough to be taken in by some alien posing as her dad asking her to step into some orangey, fiery-looking portal.

This episode was just LAZY. It wasn’t telling us anything about the relationships the characters had with eachother (except that Janeway clearly believed everyone loved her dearly) and it wasn’t doing anything. Season 3 really was suffering from a dearth of good writing and even concepts if this is one of the best concepts they could come up with this year.

"Cause and Effect" + "The Next Phase" - originality - good dialogue - any kind of point = "Coda"

Its just a "turn your brain off and enjoy the random assortment of meaningless scenes" episode and for that reason, its terrible.
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